wear it in style {anova jewelry}

A friend of mine stopped in to see me this week and share her new product and I just had to share it with the rest of you!  For those of us who always use our hands and want to protect our wedding rings/jewelry or find ourselves having to take them on & off throughout the day this is such a stylish way to do so.  AnOvA jewelry has changed the way people have to store their jewelry while on the go, at work or just at play!  There are several styles available to fit your personality.  Even for the man in your life…he will never have to leave his ring behind or worry about it being lost of stolen.  Check them out here!


free love

we were so excited that jonthan & samantha with jonthan ivy photography asked us to take part in this inspiration shoot… it’s one of our favorite thingsto do.  We get the freedom to create to our hearts content!  this summer love shoot has a fresh and fun approach to 70’s inspired details.  In the spirit of the seventies sit back, grab a white wine spritzer  and enjoy this shoot.




photographer:  Jonthan Ivy Photography 

styled:  YellowCactusDesign

cake:  Red Raspberry Cakes

invitation:  Kate Stafford

floral: we + you


it’s friday!

Well darlings, it’s FINALLY Friday!!  Did this feel like the longest week ever to anyone else?!

 I hope that everyone truly gets to enjoy this weekend!  My weekend ….and into next the next one

will be filled with fabulous sunsets, sandy beaches, waves crashing the shore line, a hip boutique hotel,

 tons of smiles and giggles & of course a little champagne!  We will see you upon the return!


yea for cash mob!

What are Cash Mobs you might ask?

The general idea is to encourage people to go into small, local businesses and spend their money, en masse, to give the business owner a little bit of economic stimulus.  Cash mobs help businesses grow,  make people happy,  find stuff for ourselves, have a great time, and maybe get a drink with new and old friends to celebrate afterward!   But it’s not just about propping up the local economy.. its about having fun, meeting people you did not know and learn something new about your community!

We were so excited to learn that we are one of two businesses in Historic Old Town Lewisville selected for Lewisville’s first cash mob.  So come on down to Lewisville’s Historic District and visit us and our fabulous finds today from 4-6 at 135 w. main street, lewisville and while your here check out all the fabulous retailers Old town has to offer and head on over to Tierney’s Cafe and Tavern for a little mixing and mingling (and networking with Lewisville Chamber of Commerce) at 6:00!  Hope to see you there!

cards for every occasion!

vintage clutches by cahoots handbags

 fabulous finds!

mercy calling card set…

elum letterpress box set

it’s been to long…we’ve missed you!

Wow.  It’s been a while since we posted on this little old blog… but that’s a good thing, we think.  It means we are running around making magic for our clients big days.  In case you missed us as much as we have missed you check out what we have been up to.  We’ll post more soon, but until then, be sure and check out these pretty little lovelies.




mosquito-free garden party {by design sponge}

summer is here and it’s the season for out door fun!  whether its a hanging by the pool side, sipping cocktails or dining under the stars this blog post by design sponge is sure to make your outdoor entertaining mosquito free while at the same time adorning your environment with beautiful decor… we just loved this post and thought we would share!

road trippin’

We jumped in the car Sunday morning and roadtripped to Austin to for a editorial…..quick but fun trip… got to check out some of our favorite stops and road side attractions!  ahhh, how it still feels like home!

local favorite big red sun….beautiful succulents and design

and for those fans of the road side attractions… the starship pegasus {monolithic domes}, italy, texas

behind the curtain {capture :: photobooth}

A one on one with one of my industry’s favorite Stephanie Tettleton of capture :: photobooth.
  1. Why did you get into the business and how long have you been in it?

I wanted to find a fun side business to enjoy on the weekends.  A good friend sent me some photos from a wedding she had just attended and some of the photos were photostrips.  They were awesome.  I knew then that a photobooth business is what I needed to start and as quickly as possible!  I bought my photobooth on March 17, 2010 and had my first wedding reception three days later on Saturday March 20, 2010.

2.  What’s your favorite part about what you do for a living?

The most exciting part of my business is meeting new people!  I get to see people act silly and jump outside of their comfort zone and that is very entertaining. I love working with people and especially people who are in the partying mood!

  1. If you could describe your personality as a picture/prop or product, which would you be and why?

I would describe myself as a chameleon.  I can change my mood, my attitude, my appearance & my personality to whatever setting I am in.  I like to keep people on their toes and always guessing J.

  1. What place inspires you and why?

I would have to say the ocean.  Sitting on a beach, toes in the sand, staring out into the vast open water makes everything right in my world.

Looking for something fun for your guest at the wedding… check out this june booking special from capture photo booth {}: I am offering a special for any brides-to-be who book my photobooth for their upcoming wedding receptions during the month of June, I will discount their rental by $75. I know every penny counts on a wedding budget so I hope this helps some future Mrs.

summer air plant

Air plants, with their elegant tentacles and sunburst shapes, have been popping up all over design world all throughout history …and they are making a comeback!  Gorgeous, easy to care for air plants make the perfect, simple decor for any party or event… even just for summer fun around the house.  Pick up a few for your home or a bundle for a big summer party from we + you studios!

social occasions: {setting the table}

Question… have you ever set a formal table? I don’t very often…but when the occasion arrises i have to reflect back to the last time and then call my mom to ask if I did it right. Why is it that hard to remember?

Well, I stumbled across this little gem by Mrs. Lilien who has made this little printable “proper placement” diagram that you can print right off for future reference.  Thanks Mrs. Lilen!  Everyone should set a formal table for any occasions at least twice a year… even if its for dinner for one.  One problem with a properly set tale is that its so difficult to remember what goes where?  But here’s the secret:  hold your hands in front of you, perpendicular to the floor, all fingers extended except the index which you should touch to your thumb Om-style.  You should be looking at a b on your left and a d on your right.  Bread on your left Drink on your right.

Now there is never a question!   Happy table setting!