the season of new.

2016 …we welcome you!  whether you’re ready to de-clutter, dust off, get your ducks in a row or simply find more joy in your environment… take time to enjoy the moment.  this month, as our attention turns to renewal and rebirth, we look forward to 2016 and all the amazing adventures, challenges, learning and up’s & downs that lie ahead.  we are ready to take on the new trends and break the molds of long standing traditions:  a return to sophistication, vintage touches with much needed modern twists, eco-friendly weddings, breaking the rules, luxurious textiles, modern choices, scenic settings,  cultural flair & killer ceremony back drops.  we wish only the best for all who are venturing out in this new year and hope every step along the way leads you to great rewards!

happy new year.  happy winter.

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